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Don’t matter the size of a Dog in a fight , but the size of a fight in a Dog



Every day, when you wake up, you are walking into the world, were a limitless amount of opportunities can be created at a time, but with that comes opponents people who are the villains in your story that you have to overcome. The story of David and Goliath or Jake the giant slayer are stories we tell children so are reminded when their little that no matter the power of someone before you need to roll the dice and take what you’re owned not just cower in the dirt with the sheep and nobody. What we seem to forget when we start to grow up is that you have always been enough to be a hero in your tale reaching goals one after another and not being stopped by some unfair circumstance because breaking past barriers is what you have grown to enjoy more than anything else in the world. Save your sigh and replace it with a far better laugh which is the only real victory you can carry to the grave. ¬†Towing along only what you need is something you going to get use to and these guys are a perfect example.

Move to into the future running from one crazy thing to another for nothing more than the satisfaction of gaining some of the best stories someone has every heard, which will be told to children for years to come. Whenever a smaller opponent faces a greater one for some reason, people have always bet on the brute instead of the rogue/ young skinny scraper because it appears to make more sense. But the funny thing about sense it’s always based on facts that are delivered from the occurrence of new variables coming to the equations affecting outcomes tieing bk to one of my favorite stories about a territory forged from 13 colonies that defied the word of a global superpower. Yes, I’m talking about the United States of America the country with not only the world’s strongest military but the defining factor in the worldwide economy. Creating a new level of competition with its crashed idea of capitalism structured with by financial systems which is a fancy way of saying they bet on everything and don’t always win but when they do it turns out more spectacular them anyone reckoned. This factor is what propelled them into the top place of international strength as a game setting country which says a lot since Europe specifically England once held this title. By proving that small rink a dink alliance could form the world’s most productive era of enlightenment so far is inspiring.


I don’t know if you know it or not, but the world has shaped you in a way that will make you conform to it. So, that is there will being put on us, but did you know it is your responsibility to find your own will and purpose? Go to school, learn some stuff, get a job, get a house and a family, retire at 65-70 and then use the money you saved to take care of yourself in your gold age. That is what life is in our society! I mean the basis of it is great, but have you ever woke up and realized that you can’t see that for you? Tell me about it this happens like clockwork every morning for me. It is a huge reason I write every day and keep on the motivation train. I do not want to wake up in my 70’s looking back and saying why did I live like that! I don’t want that at all and need you to realize that if you don’t shape your moves today to fit that of the future you want, then you will receive that as your fate. Some scary stuff for sure and I feel that fact alone should make you work your way out of any shithole or undesired situation¬†http:/ Continue reading 


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Life is too short to play a safe game. Well, there is no such thing as a secure position in life. Anyway, you go you will face adversity, so why not choose a path that fits your fancy? I don’t care what your teachers taught you, I don’t care what your parents have said, and I don’t care what people have informed you of. There is no safe way in life! You will take action in the direction you want to go, or someone else will hire you to be part of their dream. Did you just read what I said? If you can’t take a second to comprehend that, then I don’t know what to say to you. In my life, I just got tired of seeing other people win and me not getting what I want. I will not stand back and watch people who are not better than me in any way get their way. I was just plain tired of it. Find reasons as to why you are doing what you are doing and I promise when you want to throw the towel in, you will turn that quitting mentality into something that gets you back up. Sacrifice is the name of the game. I say this because you will look around and see your friends watching the sporting event that night. They might be going out over the weekend and doing things that feel great at the time. I want you to be able to put aside your fun for a little bit of time to use that time for more productive matters. What I am asking of you may be something you have never considered, but if you take it seriously and just save your fun times for a time when you win, then you will thank me. Listen to me, if you do things that other people won’t for a few years, then you will be able to do things that other people can’t. Are you hearing me? You will be a winner on the planet, and everyone you care about will be winners! Trust me when you go on your own journey and decide to attack a path or resistance, you will see many people leave your side, and your life will get harder. Remember that if your life just got harder, then you probably have just leveled up. You will not see the fruits of this level up for some time, but when they come it will be more than your brain ever fixed for you. God has a plan for us all and will unfold all the answers we don’t know in time. Just trust in his timing and believe he is here for us. Amazing, amazing, and most incredible haha! To have this kind of faith and belief in the higher spirit will take you the furthest you could ever get from anything else. God bless

O.J Simpson


What a crazy life this man has lived! He is a football legend, murder, actor, and broadcaster. O.J was born in the Bay Area, in other words, San Francisco, California. He is the best known for murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend she cheated on Ron Goldman, who she had sexual relations with. The biggest case that we have probably seen in the 20th century. It was followed by every news outlet on the planet, and he was acquitted of all charges. The strange thing is that he was convicted guilty in civil court and had to pay $33.5 million to the families. There was definitely something weird going on in the background of the case. Some tampering or buying of judging I am thinking. O.j. Went on to write a book about how he would kill his wife if he did. Commit the murder. Like how smart ass do you have to be to do something like that? Everyone knew he had committed the murder, but since the decision was acquitted in the highest federal courtroom, there was no way of bringing him to face jail time for the crime. Continue reading